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Without a doubt infertility creates an enormous amount stress for women and their partners. It can be divided into several different areas, each of which brings its own stresses and anxieties.

First there is the stage when you've been trying to get pregnant, each month as the time approaches when your period is due; you feel a little bit excited, 'Will I be pregnant?' you try to keep the feeling in check, just in case it hasn't happened. Your period arrives, you feel a little disappointed but it is early days – maybe next month...

The next month passes, your anticipation and excitement build, followed by disappointment. Each time it's a little bit worse than the month before, until your cycle of hope and disappointment changes to doubt, stress and dread. For some couples sex is no longer a wonderful, loving, joyful time, it becomes a chore and can eventually become linked to anxiety and disappointment – putting a huge strain on the relationship itself.

Then you might move into the next stage, seeing the
doctor – attending clinics for blood tests and so on. As a couple you may have spent many months under the microscope, and have had to endure the most intrusive and personal medical intervention and your stress levels are at an all time high. And the worst of all is when almost everyone tells you to relax and it'll just happen, everyone has a story of this happening and each time you hear that, you feel that somehow you've failed, and so the pressure mounts again.

Well the good news is that we have a tried and tested programme that can help you to manage the stress, to release the anxieties and the emotional blocks to becoming pregnant. Most women don't even realise that because their bodies are working as they are designed to do, that there is something unrecognised that is 'protecting' them from becoming pregnant. Now this may sound a little odd, but let me give you some examples.

We have worked with women who have had one child, and their experience has been traumatic or distressing and their body is now preventing them from becoming pregnant again – 'protecting' them from trauma.

We have worked with women who have had ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages, and had such a frightening experience that they have been unable to conceive again – 'protecting' them from fear and trauma.

We have also worked with women who have experienced fears or doubts in relationships, and so their body 'protects' them from becoming pregnant when they don't feel completely safe emotionally.

By working with these women to release their past experience and their fears, they have gone on to give birth to beautiful babies.

not just in the DNA

If you've been trying to get pregnant for a while and you're not quite ready to embark on the IVF route, then call us today and find out if we can help you, just as we've helped many other couples just like you.However if you have decided to try the IVF route and whatever the method if you are successful in becoming pregnant, the time spent between learning that you are expecting and actually delivering a baby can be a joyless experience as levels of worry, anxiety and fear of miscarriage, amongst other things, fill your every day.


Using proven hypnotherapy, and later hypnobirthing, techniques at any stage of fertility treatment reinforces the mind-body connection and helps you control and reduce the harmful stress that, unchecked, becomes a risk to your success. Stress that not only makes the on-going treatment harder to bear but can also damage partner relationships and may reduce what should be an exciting time into one of dread.

Seeing things from different perspectives - This is what one couple had to say:

The female perspective

"Both during the run up to the actual treatment and whilst engaging with the fertility clinic the levels of stress and anxiety were, for us as a couple, almost unbearable.

I was starting to feel the way that Ian was acting - as if we were just part of some kind of science project.

To be able to apply Sandra's techniques far ahead of activley engaging in the actual hypnobirthing course meant that both of us were better equipped to cope.

I also think that it bought us back together as a couple because it provided a much greater sense of having a common purpose"

Mrs P



The male perspective

"The difference in my wife whilst under Sandra Handford's care was immediate and I feel well worth the investment, not just in monetary terms but also the time we invested with her. Better still (whilst on the whole the medical practitioners had been concentrating on ensuring that Jo was looked after) Sandra's input to my role gave me a better sense of being able to help my wife.

As the male part of the process I had begun to feel very remote from Jo. I had begun to view my involvement as not much more than the sperm donor. This major lack of connection that other would be fathers (who help their wives conceive in the traditional way) also made dealing with her stress much harder. Sandra's methods pulled me back into the thick of it and I suddenly had something to offer, a role to play that was vital and clearly helped both of us on a day to day basis. We both felt as if we were back in control." Mr P

Our perspective

Being infertile brings its own sets of stresses, the feeling of being in some way different from friends and family, indeed feeling in some way "faulty" and having to accept that your birth (if indeed you ever actually get to a birthing situation) will be the subject of far more medical intrusion is a problem facing thousands of fertility clinic clients every year.

The stigma and misconception surrounding assisted conception techniques also makes sharing experiences and feelings difficult, even with close friends. By learning how to deal with these feelings and how to take control we strengthen you as a couple which in turn creates a safe place should the situation not go to plan.

By harnessing the mind's ability to maintain a feeling of calm, whatever stage you are at allows you to take control no matter what the situation throws at you. Furthermore the reduced stress levels and increased feelings of relaxation are clearly beneficial to the entire fertility treatment process. Add to this the vast amount of high quality information that Sandra Handford and her organisation equip you with and you end up with a much better sense of being in control, which in turn reduces worry and fear of the unknown.

And when your treatment is successful the entire hypnobirthing system allows you and your partner to relax and take control and look forward to a pain free birth.

So call us today on 0845 519 8284 to discover how making the relatively small cost in our services could enhance the investment you are already making in seeking assisted conception.

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