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Sandra Handford has worked with a wide range of women and couples to develop this hypnobirthing programme following her own experience of childbirth in the 1980s.

Due to an unrelated complication that occurred during her pregnancy, which meant a protracted stay in hospital before the birth of her son, Sandra found that her life was taken over by the medics who looked after her. 

She had little or no say in the decisions that were made, and often would simply be referred to by her condition rather than her name! 

She found herself going along with the decisions because she assumed that the medical staff around her must know what was best for her.  The result was that the birth was both difficult and painful. 

After a slow recovery by both mother and baby, Sandra began to talk to other Mums about their experiences and was surprised to discover that even when they had had no medical problems, they had had very similar experiences. 

The medical profession would very often make decisions based on what was convenient for them rather than what was best for Mum, Dad and their new baby.

The more she heard, the more passionate she became about working with couples to develop a natural childbirth programme that works with a woman’s physiology rather than against it.


Sandra believes that the role of the birthing partner, whoever that may be, is paramount.  This has meant that hundreds of couples have been able to give birth naturally and easily.

If you want to learn more about this programme, contact us for a chat and discover if this is just what you’ve been looking for.

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